PVLF Excellence Awards + 24 Hours Author’s Marathon

PVLF will include the first of its kind PVLF Excellence Awards & 24-hour Authors Marathon, which is specifically designed to give author’s a platform to promote themselves.

The dates are 6th and 7th January 2022 for the Authors Marathon and 8th January for PVLF Excellence Awards.

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About PragatiE Vichaar Literature Festival

With great pleasure we would like to share with you the Virtual PragatiE Vichaar Literature Festival in which 24 hours author's marathon and PVLF Excellence Awards are being held in January 2022.

Conceptualized by Frontlist (India’s first portal for the publisher, author, reader ecosystem) and the Federation of Indian Publishers; and hosted by PragatiE (one of the leading virtual exhibition platforms), this edition of PVLF will have Author/Publisher/Book Excellence Awards and a 24-hour Authors Marathon, which is specifically designed to give author’s a platform to promote themselves. Nielsen is the knowledge partner ensuring the awards are 100% reliable with their book scan data.

PVLF is dedicated to enhancing Dialogue, Literature, Free Speech, Storytelling and promotion of the world’s most powerful tool of communication that is writing.

A literature festival outlined to capture and raise awareness or promote action in prominent social issues. It is a flagship event that was established in the year 2020 during the 1st Virtual Delhi Book Fair. It aims to bring together the best of speakers from across the country & worldwide to initiate a forum of discussion and intellectual debates around various topics that concern the publishers, the authors, the readers and the society at large.

PVLF Awards

PVLF will celebrate the love of literature by awards in the following categories




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